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General Hair Care

We generally don’t recommend colouring, tinting or perming the extension hair even though these procedures can be carried out. These types of procedures contain elements that can damage the extension hair just like they would or can your natural hair. Even though our extensions are 100% human hair, it is not receiving nutrients from the scalp like your own natural hair. The more heat and chemicals you use on the hair extension the shorter the life span of the hair.

Treat your extensions with the same respect as you would with you own natural hair. Superior aftercare and regular maintenance will keep your hair feeling and looking great for longer.

It is important to brush your hair extensions and separate the bonds 2-3 times a day.

Never wear your extensions for longer than 3 months. In the 3 months of wearing your extensions your hair will have grown by approx 1.5 inches, the roots of your hair often start to tangle together if you have not separated the bonds correctly and therefore it is not healthy for the hair if left.