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Our high quality, 100% human hair is defined by one very important characteristic: cuticle alignment.

During the harvesting of each bundle, we ensure that all of the cuticles in each strand of hair are facing the same direction. This seemingly minor process makes all the difference when it comes to quality and maintainability, as it minimises friction between the individual strands of hair which, in turn, prevents tangling.

Tiny Tips

Fabulong hair supplies beautiful reusable Mini Itip hair for one of the newest hair extension methods on the market, an increasing number of extension professionals are choosing the lock extensions due to it being one of the safest methods, no need to work with glue, heat or braiding,

The tips are small and made with a polymer compound and work beautifully with our tiny strong copper locks for a flawless finish, unlike micro rings the locks are much smaller and not silicon lined so lay completely flat to the hair.


Our pre-bond extensions are pre-tipped with a polymer compound. At the end of each strand is a Keratin bond shaped like a fingernail, this is then positioned and melted onto the client’s hair using a heated purging tool. Keratin is a hair protein and one of the pros of having pre-bond extensions fitted is that your natural hair is feeding off the keratin while it is bonded to it, specific aftercare is necessary and must only be fitted by trained technicians.


Fabulong also offers a full range of extension tools to accompany the hair, including pliers, colour ring, pulling needles, lock removers, and drawing cards.


Also known as tracks, can be applied to create full length or just thickness and to custom make clip ins, coming in two weights we offer our high grade hair in this method to give your clients gorgeous transformations, the wefts hold thin tracks which makes application more seem-less and discreet, making them more comfortable for your client to wear, available in our full colour ring of colours.
Tapes can be purchased as single pieces or 24 piece packs, applied by sandwiching two tapes together, these can be used as a full head application for thickness or to add colour to existing look.

Colour Matching

We currently offer 52 base and mix shades, however Fabulong’s colours are always continuing to expand, we pride ourself on having a number of colour varietys to suit everyones needs, block ,crazy, high/low lighted and ombre colours all available, if you are a consumer and looking to purchase, please see the colour chart below however for a more detailed colour match please email sending a picture of your hair in a good natural day light with no filter applied.